Turning audio for a camera on or off

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Settings > Cameras > [Camera name]


By default, audio for your new or reset camera(s) is turned off.


To turn on audio so that the camera will record sound, follow these instructions:


1. Go to Settings > Cameras.

2. Select the camera you want to turn audio on.

3. In the Basic section, locate the Enable Audio option.

4. Click in the check box so that a check mark displays.



Before audio will turn on, you must accept a disclaimer for each camera:

Certain uses, publication and/or distribution of video/audio recordings from security cameras and/or audio devices are prohibited or restricted by country, state and local laws. When enabling and/or using audio recording feature with Logitech Alert products and services, be sure to comply with the laws in your country, state and locality.

5. If you accept the message, the camera will begin recording audio.

6. Using the Microphone slider feature, set the input (recording) volume for the camera.

7. Click the Save button.


To turn off audio for a camera, uncheck the Enable Audio option.